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Oxygen mask with reservoir bag PAN1310

Adjustable Venturi mask PAN1220

Three balls spirometer PAN1810

Venturi mask PAN1210

Simple Oxygen Mask PAN1110

Nasal Oxygen Cannula PAN1410

Nasal Oxygen Cannula with Silicone Rubber Ear loop PAN1420

CO2 Sampling Mask PAN1120

ETCO2 Sampling Cannula PAN1430

Oxygen Connecting Tube PAN1610

Samping Connecting Tube PAN1620

Nose Clip PAN3820

Peak Flow Meter PAN1720

Nebulizer mask PAN2011

Nebulizer with mouth piece PAN2013

Nebulizer Jar PAN20A

Nebulizer Jar PAN20B

Spacer for Aerosol PAN2120

Nebulizer Kit with Mouth piece PAN2014

Nebulizer Kit with Month Piece PAN2015

Nebulizer Kit PAN2012

Nebulizer Mask with Swivel Connector PAN2021

Nebulizer Jar PAN20E

Because You Deserve It

LB1120 CO2 sampling mask_副本.jpg

Nebulizer mask


Made of clear, medical grade PVC

Operates even at horizontal position capacity: 6cc

Disinfected with boiling water (only for jar)

With adjustable nose clip, elastic strap with/without Latex

Color: green, white transparent and light blue transparent is available

Length: with 2m tubing, different can be customized, Anti- crush tube can ensure oxygen follow

even if the tube is kinked

Packing: packed in individual pe pack. 50pcs/carton or 100pac/carton

Different type of nebulizer jars are available

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