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Doctor hand touching blank circle on vir

Welcome to Panvita

Because You Deserve It


Surgical Packs & Gowns

Panthera M.S has been the fabric expert for the healthcare industry.

Healthcare and medicine, Covid-19, Docto

Respiratory Health Care

You deal with breathing each and every day

Pre oxygenation for general anesthesia.


A simpler, smarter, and more precise solution for better operative outcomes.

Doctor in blue uniform holding drip iv a

Infusion Therapy 

We are dedicated to helping clinicians to address various problems and challenges daily

Bluetone of hands and remedial catheter.

Medical Catheters

Make the life easier 

Close-up doctor is bandaging upper limb

Wound Dressing 

Support as we can 

The picture was taken from newborn to ob

Gynecology & Obstetric 

Giving the life Good meaning 

Women doctor wearing  protective suit to

Protection Tools

Keeping safe 

Who We Are

Panthera Medical with 350 m2 closed area, 50 workers and 27 years of experience, had a small but fast entrance into sector. With the rapid increase of domestic sales, exports beginning in 2012 and ongoing increase, the need was felt to increase capacity.

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