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Extractor Mucus LB6122

Extractor Mucus LB6112

Suction Catheter LB6210

Rectal Tube LB6510

Nelaton Catheter LB6600

Short Connector

Long Connector

Trumpet Connector

Yankauer Handle Hole LB6111

Yankauer Handle Tip LB6111


Yankauer Handle LB6111

Feeding Tube LB6310

Suction Connecting tubing with Yankauer Handle LB61

Stomach Tube LB6410

Suction Poole Draining Tube LB6011

Disposable Pressure Transducer FY0635

Silicone Stomach Tube LB6410S

Silicone Ryle's Stomach Tube LB6420S

Silicone Suction Catheter LB6220S

Because You Deserve It

Made from non-toxic, non-irritant soft PVC

Product Description:

Tube is frosted or smooth

With two side hole

The head end is smooth, opening

With X-ray or without X-ray

Choice of connectors:

PAN6210  Plain Type

PAN6220  Cap-Cone

PAN6230  Y-type

PAN6240  T-type
Specification: Fr5 -Fr20

Standard Tube Length: 50cm

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