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Surgical Packs & Gowns

Panthera M.S has been the fabric expert for the healthcare industry. In fact, their development of protective surgical fabrics has raised the standards of protection for patients and staff in Operating Theatres throughout the world. Panthera M.S offers a complete line of surgical gowns, packs and surgical drapes to cover a wide range of surgical procedures and applications

General Surgery Pack

Gynecological pack

Cardiovascular Set

Orthopedic Set

Ophthalmic & E.N.T Set

Surgeon Gown

Surgeons team preforming operation in ho

Surgeon Gown

-Standard Surgical Gown-Sterile

-Standard Surgical Gown-Bulk

-Reinforced Surgical Gown -Sterile

-Reinforced Surgical Gown—Bulk

-High Performance Standard Surgical Gown-Sterile

-High Performance Reinforced Surgical Gown-Sterile (HPRSG)

-BVB Surgical Gown-Sterile

-Urology Surgical Gown-Sterile

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