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Needle Free connector

Latex Free, PVC Free & DEHP Free.
7 days or 360 connections.
Safe way to access IV lines without the use of a needle, reduce the risk of needlestick injuries.
During Infusion of Syringe the membrane automatically opens the fluid pathway only when a male Luer is disconnected, the membrane automatically seals. the fluid pathway.
When needleless connectors is in place, we can change the IV tubing without the IV circuit to the atmosphere.
Preventing blood drawbacks when injecting, withdraw or infusing fluids and medications.
Straight fluid pathway.
Neutral displacement of fluid.
Minimal dead space.
User friendly, as it can easily be grasped for injection.
Safeguard Catheter displacement by Advantage of looped tubing.
Packing : 25/200pcs per inner/master
Master carton dimension : 38×29×42 cm

Needle Free connector
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