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Anesthesia Mask

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CPAP Mask is an interface for the treatment of obstructive sleep

apnea using continuous positive airway pressure. It Provide a good seal

when fitted to the patient whilst providing maximum comfort.

The Accessories (Optional): PEEP Valve and Headgear

Silicon Anesthesia Mask (Two-piece)

Silicon Anesthesia Mask (Two-piece)

Soft silicon cushion encased in hard shell for ease to handle and better seal.

Made of 100% clear, medical grade silicon and pc material, latex free.

These products ancillary use with disposable anesthesia breathing circuit.

Reusable, all parts are fully autoclavable up to 134°C

Packing: bulk or pe pack available

Soft Anesthesia Mask

Soft Anesthesia Mask

Made from latex/DEHP free PVC material

Soft adjustable face cushion assures comfortable face fitting

With upright check valve

Single patient use

No scents or with vanilla scents are available

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